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Channels in Qsynth

I have an Akai MPK-25 keyboard that have been wanting to try for some time. I'm using Qsynth with Qjactl on a Dell D630 in the current Ubunto Studio. I finally got it to work after figuring out the connections that needed to be made in Qjacktl. I have the general soundfont package that you listed. I understand how to assign each soundfont to a different channel. I'm not entirely clear on how the channels are used. In order to change soundfonts with my setup, I have to change the soundfont listed on channel 1. My keyboard is listed as using MIDI channel 1. Is that why it uses the soundfont on channel 1? If I changed to a different MIDI channel, would Qsynth use the soundfont for that channel?


Bill Giles

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maybe yes to all accounts :)
Dating from the late previous century;) the soundfont specification is a multi-timbral one which means that you can set or map presets to MIDI channels on a one-to-one basis; each preset, patch or or instrument if you wish to call that either way, is addressed by its corresponding MIDI channel, address or slot (1-16); each slot or preset, mapped on a particular MIDI channel there is, may be changed on the wire by a MIDI program_change message (PC#) or via Qsynth's GUI Channels > Edit... (button or right-click context menu).
From your MPK25 (which btw. I do also have one specimen:)) you can either change the current MIDI channel setting or else try the "Program Change" command to, yes, change the instrument preset/patch which is to be active on the MIDI channel setting there is.

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