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need help setting up audio

AVLinux 2017
M-Audio 2496 Audiophile (older sound card, 2 in 2 out midi port

I am getting sound when I play a song from library but volume is way low.
can not hear sound from browser- like watching YouTube.

I have tried different configurations but cant seem to figure out what the heck is wrong.
If anyone can help, please let me know what info you need.

Also- how do I delete the logs? they are like a mile long at this point..

Thanks, happy Holidays!

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although this forum is not the most rightful to help you out...

I assume you're using qjackctl to run JACK over your M-Audio Audiophile 2496, a PCI soundcard, right?
re. volume is way low
you can try first using alsamixer to tweak the volumes of the several device channels according to taste and sanity :)
re. can not hear sound from browser- like watching YouTube.
of course you can't: your browser doesn't talk to jack and jack takes exclusive control of the audio/pcm device; what you need is most probably interface jack with pulseaudio and that my friend is whole lot of a new subject, but i'll give you the hints for you to read during the holidays :)

  • JACK Audio Connection Kit|How use PulseAudio and JACK?
  • Jack and PulseAudio Together as Friends - Linux
  • Bluebell / Holger / pulseaudio and Jack
  • Using Qjackctl with jackd and pulseaudio
  • nb. the last one--or a variation of it--is the one I do use at home.

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