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Voiceover - Monitoring a Realtime Processed Mic Signal

SUMMARY: I need to hear a realtime processed mic signal in my cans prior to recording.

So hi from Washington DC. I'm putting Qtractor thru its paces to see if the new version is viable for pro voiceover/narration recording, and have a question.

Many V/O folks have a dedicated hardware mic processor ahead of their DAW inputs; this way they can hear their personal compression and EQ settings in their headsets, assuring a good performance. Since Qtractor processing can be done "in-the-box", an external processor is unnecessary.

Can anyone share with me what settings/configurations/etc are needed in order to HEAR a mic signal -- fully processed thru the input strip -- *going in* to Qtractor in real time before (or as) it gets "laid down to tape"? Musicians may not need or want a feature like this, but narration artists depend on it.

I'm sure its in the manual somewhere, but it's evading me. You guys got this software down while I'm still clumsily winding my way along the path. Thanks very much, folks.

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hmm... what about creating a brand new audio bus (View > Buses...)?
- select Audio / Master bus, change the name to "Mic", keep bus mode as duplex to let you monitor through output; but make it to as many channels as your microphone provides (usually one);
- after that you may connect the corresponding system's capture port to the just created Qtractor/mic input port(s);
- insert all audio fx plugins you want on the new "Mic" input bus strip, then you can hear the processed signal on the monitored "Mic" output;
- as for recording you then need add a new audio track and assign the "Mic" input bus...
that's all, probably iiuc.

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