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Metronome connection losing whan changing gain level

I hope not to make a duplicate bug reporting, I didn't find any mention about this behaviour:
I assign the metronome sound to a certain soundboard exit channel. Then in Preferences I change the gain level of the metronome. At this point the connection is lost and I need to re-assign it.



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yes, that's expected behavior, specially on dedicated output ports setting--sorry to tell, it is not a bug. :)

due to their static nature, when changing any of metronome parameters, it destroys and re-creates the (dedicated) output device and ports from scratch; so that previous connections are lost indeed.

again, the gain level in the audio metronome settings refer to the respective audio sample file and, most importantly to the case at hand, it is a static property control. iow. it is not a continuous realtime control whatsoever.


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Hi! I see.
I suppose you mean "static" as ... "static public double MetronomeGain" :D
If I can make a suggestion, I'd suggest you to consider implementing a non-destructive-parameters-management: let's say you are recording a band (as I did :))
the drummer says he can't hear the metronome. you adjust the volume. He still can't hear. You raise again the volume. But it's too loud. So you lower the value. Then the whole band is playing and now he still can't hear it..... as you can imagine, the sound engineer is busy recreating the connections :)


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mitigated on today's git head (master) : qtractor >= .


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