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My Software Ecology - The Sequel

Half-a-dozen years have gone, it is today that the sequel to My Software Ecology goes online, adding to the already shameless self show-off :) Hope you find it interesting if not only fun to read.

There it goes,

Gabriel Nordeborn's Friday Interview #12: Rui Nuno Capela

A bigger thanks to Gabbe Nord for the additional five-teen minutes of fame.

Have a nice and prosperous New Year!


Hi, just wanted to inform that I ran into problems building from svn due to the fact that I have both qt4 and qt5 installed, the configure script got somehow confused over which one to use. I guess configure decided on qt4, but qmake was going for qt5. I ran with dkpg-buildpackage and I didn't know how to fix it other than forcing the to select qt5, which is what I wanted.

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maybe using ./configure --disable-qt4 (or its equivalent, --enable-qt5)... ?

EDIT: maybe you'll need also to tell which Qt install path is precisely what you want, using the additional --with-qt=QTDIR configure directive?

although it's perfectly possible to build and run qtractor on Qt5 just fine please note that it is not currently the recommended production target.

if you still wish to go that way be advised that you'll ditch all those LV2 plugin UI amenities as provided by libSUIL in the process--aning that the vast majority of LV2 plugins won't show their own GUI whatsoever unless they provide a proper lv2_external_ui extension and even though they do so, if they happen to be Qt4 based still (eg. vee one suite, qmidiarp), they will crash the whole show at 1st (non) sight. sad but true.


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